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Carpets are soft, warm and beautiful products, which add to the aesthetic of the room in which they are laid down. However, to make them last, they must be maintained properly. Indeed, once treated well, this commodity can really boost your image among your friends and relatives. To take good care of them, there are several ways, which you can try on your own.

Carpet shampoo

In general, the carpet is a nice and warm element for the decoration of a residence or an office. However, it is an element that is often found in passing areas, where it accumulates a lot of dirt and debris. It is essential to take care of it, as it suppresses the noise levels along with providing thermal insulation. There are several products available on the market, such as carpet shampoos as well as specialized machines to clean the carpets. If you want to clean your carpet on your own, then you can certainly do that. However, if you want to take the help of experts, then that option is also available.

In general, carpet shampoo is made with a product injected on your carpet using a machine. It helps to restore all its brightness and cleanliness along with eliminating unpleasant odors. In fact, a badly maintained carpet can be a true microbe nest and bad smells can appear quickly, not to forget, the spots that you can no longer remove. Carpet shampoo is definitely the best way to keep your carpet clean.

Dry cleaning

Those who wish to clean their carpets without necessarily going through heavy equipment, or who want to do it quickly without having to dry them for hours, can opt for dry cleaning. In this case, you can call on a professional who will use specific powder to get rid of stains and bad odors on your flooring. And you can do it yourself.

This precise type of cleaning is particularly recommended if you do not have a steam cleaner or an injection-extraction device, but also for valuable carpets. After dust removal (essential to eliminate all dust and parasites), it is advisable to sprinkle natural clay on the floor, which acts as a stain remover and degreaser, or sodium bicarbonate overnight. It will absorb all the unwanted elements the next day.

This technique has the advantage of not being too difficult and yet can be very effective. Unlike cleaning solutions that use liquid, dry cleaning will not take much effort in terms of application, yet it’s just as good or better than others. As far as the smell and effect on the carpet are concerned, the dry cleaning is much more interesting, because it does not leave strong smells of products and in no way risk to tarnish the colors of your carpet.

Injection-extraction cleaning

Another way to clean your carpets properly and make them shine is injection-extraction cleaning. When your carpets are extremely dirty, you must opt ​​for extreme solutions than shampooing or dry cleaning. With this in mind, injection-extraction cleaning works just as well on carpets as on everything that is couch fabrics and walls. If you have the right tools and sufficient knowledge, then you can do it yourself, otherwise, you can hire a professional.

This cleaning system is carried out with the help of a machine specially designed for this purpose, which sprays on your carpet, a detergent solution that it quickly brings all the dirt and stains on the surface, which then can be sucked up easily. However, even if it is a very effective practice in the majority of cases, to get things right and ensure the result, you have to take some precautions. It is recommended that you first dust off the carpet thoroughly, take a deep look at the carpet to see if there are any changes in the appearance of the carpet and to avoid any bleaching, softening of the print or the entire carpet. In general, it is a technique, which requires a great deal of attention, but it can prove to be very effective once it is well applied.

In short, each carpet cleaning method has its advantages and disadvantages and the choice depends primarily on the expected results as well as the will of each one. Calling a cleaning professional, who knows exactly what is needed for your carpet floor is the best option, but in the meantime, do not forget to maintain your carpet regularly so that it does not deteriorate too early.