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Do you live in an apartment with vinyl siding? If yes, then you will certainly know the spring ceremony of getting a bucket, hose and warm water with soap to get the siding of your house sparkle for spring. Over the course of time dust, dirt, pollen, and bug settle on the siding of your house especially if you are living in an area where there is direct sunlight or mildew.

With the help of pressure washing Cape Coral, you can easily clean the exterior of your apartment in no time. You don’t require any kind of tall or unstable ladder which makes this process trouble-free. You can easily spray into the narrow areas, which remain inaccessible with the scrub brush.

Now, we will discuss the process of cleaning the siding through a Pressure washer.

Check the siding thoroughly

Before spraying pressure water onto your house, make sure that there are no loose flinders of siding, molding or other things on the exterior otherwise, water can easily make inroads into the house.

Water all plants properly

Dip all the plantings and flowerbeds available over the perimeter of your home. When you douse the soil, it will help in diluting the soap properly.

Rinse the exterior of the house

Most of us don’t perform this step but it helps in removing the loose dirt, debris, and dust from the area and also helps in boosting the effect of soap. It also lets you adjust the pressure of the sprayer before actually spraying on the siding, therefore, reduces the risk of damage.

Pour cleaning agent in the reservoir

You can add any power washer soap available in the market. It is recommended to use non-toxic detergent if there are plants and pets around. The soap tip must be installed on the washer. With this, you can adjust the angle of the stream and allow more area to be covered by the soap.

Apply the agent

Once you have made the solution according to the requirements, apply the soap in the downward direction. Push the water spray downwards at the siding ensuring that the water doesn’t sniggle at the back of siding where pieces are placed one on another.

Select an electric pressure washer

A good number of options when it comes to purchasing an electric pressure washer are available online. You can check these online on different e-commerce websites. Do check the capacity of the motor, detergent tank and PSI, also known as ‘pressure select’ before buying any pressure washer.